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News – Stop the War protest – 7/10/12

Stop the War in Afghanistan protest, 7/10/12

The Stop the War Coalition organized this demonstration in protest against the war in Afghanistan. The protest involved a number of speakers reading out names of those killed in Afghanistan during the conflict, both military personnel as well as civilians.   The group, led by Caroline Munday, Joan Humphreys and Jeremy Corbyn MP, then walked to Downing Street to deliver a letter written by military families asking the Prime Minister to pull all troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas.

Those who attended  and spoke included Caroline Munday (mother of Trooper James Munday who was killed serving in Afghanistan in 2008), Joan Humphreys (grandmother of Private Kevin Elliott of the Blackwatch regiment who was killed serving in Afghanistan in 2009), Jeremy Corbyn MP, Paul Flynn MP, Kate Hudson of CND, musician Brian Eno, and John Rees of Stop the War.

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