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About Me

I am a London-based press photographer working for the leading editorial and news photo agencies Rex Features and London News Pictures, and hold a valid official UK Press Card as issued by the National Union of Journalists. My work is published regularly across the national press and consumer magazine sectors in the UK and internationally, having appeared in titles ranging from The Sun, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Financial Times, NME, Grazia, Heat and more.   My portfolio encompasses live music and festivals, news, sport, PR, publicity, corporate and portraiture and I am available for commissions – feel free contact me on richard@richardisaac.co.uk for information.

Me (right) in action at The Libertines' British Summertime Live Hyde Park show, July 2014. "What do you mean the band's behind me??". Picture used with the kind permission of John Rahim, thanks John!

Me (right) in action at The Libertines’ British Summertime Live Hyde Park show, July 2014. “What do you mean the band’s behind me??”. Picture used with the kind permission of John Rahim, thanks John!


Getting ready to shoot Drake from the mix-desk of the O2 Arena, London. March 2014.

Equipment: Bodies – Nikon D4s & Nikon D4.   Lenses – Nikon 17-35mm f2.8; Nikon 50mm f1.4; Nikon 24-70mm f2.8; Nikon 70-200mm f2.8.   If I need longer, which I often do for stadium/arena mix desk gigs, I rent either Nikon 200-400mm f4, Nikon 400mm f2.8; Nikon 600m f4.     I own a Nikon 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 which isn’t quite as sharp, fast or weatherproof as the more expensive longer lenses, but its a lot lighter and very handy if you’re walking round a festival all day or caught in need of something long without warning.

Tripods & Monopods: Manfrotto

Flash: Nikon SB-910, Custom Brackets Mini-RC, & PocketWizard radio systems

Straps: Black Rapid

Workflow, Post-processing & Filing:  MacBook Pro; Photo Mechanic; Adobe Lightroom 5; Adobe Photoshop CS5

Ear protection: For my first couple of years doing music photography I thought using the cheap foam earplugs would offer enough protection from the loud music I encounter in concert photopits.    Then I noticed low-level tinnitus creeping into my hearing.  After a bit of research and taking the advice of other music photographers, I found ACS Custom who do the creme de la creme of professional ear protection.   You visit either their offices in London/Banbury one of their network of participating audiologists, who take a mould of your ear canal.   The moulds are then sent to their workshop where they use 3D printing technology to make a set of custom ear plugs, which fit your ears to perfection.   The plugs can be fit with different strength filters – I use the max strength filters, and feel absolutely confident that my hearing is 100% protected even when standing inches away from Brixton Academy’s main speaker stack while blasting out banging hip hop/techno/rock music at full volume.  I so wish I had used ACS’ plugs from day one, as TINNITUS IS UNTREATABLE!     If you’re considering ear protection ACS get my full recommendation – www.acscustom.com


Contact details: richard at richardisaac.co.uk




Me at Wembley Arena 2 December 2013 (blonde hair at the foot of the pic).  Image used with the permission of the photographer, Nick Pickles.  Thanks Nick!   Check Nick’s photography out at http://www.music-photographer.co.uk/