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In an age of hype, fast success and turgid McMusic, its good to see a band such as Elbow finally reach commercial success (having achieved critical and artistic success much earlier) after years of simply doing their own thing.  Starting the show with proggy new album opener The Birds, Elbow’s expansive and emotive music fills […]

When DJ Andrew Weatherall remixed Primal Scream’s “I’m Losing More than I’ll Ever Have” and transformed it into something that was such a departure from the original track it was renamed “Loaded”, together they changed the sound and direction of the band and took their first steps towards producing the masterpiece that is Screamadelica.  The […]

I was commissioned by The Fly to shoot the gig for their review – click here to view it.

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The Victorian-era lanterns shrouding the stage in an eerie glow suggest an era when superstition ruled peoples beliefs rather than science.  This sets the mood that Esben and the Witch manage to bring to life in all areas of their performance.  Shimmering and echoing guitar builds gently as they open with Argyria, singer Rachel Davies […]

German magazine Fuze used this picture – check their website out here.