Whether you need photography of your company conference or portraiture of your senior management team, I have the perfect blend of qualities to deliver on your requirements.


Having spent 20+ years working at London’s top ad agencies at board level I can offer you professionalism in the first instance – see my LinkedIn profile.  In that time I took my photography from being a passion to becoming a business and profession.

My event photography has been honed both working as a press photographer with news agencies Rex Features Shutterstock & London News Pictures, as well as my conference & corporate clients.   I bring the ability to work a room discretely capturing candid image with strong compositions of the key people and scenes, or interacting with attendees when appropriate to bring out the best in them.

With my portraiture I can create a range of styles as required. Whether you need your latest board director photographed in your house corporate style, or if you want more colourful & creative work of your team amongst your company branding and bring out a good flavour of your corporate personality, I will be able be able to combine great people skills with creative and technical photography to produce the great images for you.

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