A great event photographer will have the ability to assess a situation where there may be a thousand things going on, filter out all the distractions and instantly identify the most captivating image-worthy moments, then working the scene composting and capturing those moments before they are lost.
My years photographing Glastonbury Festival and other major news events such as London Fashion Week for leading news agency Rex (Features) Shutterstock, and also my travels photographing across multiple continents, have honed my skills in this area.   I’m personable with strong people skills and am happy either interacting with people when appropriate and creating engaging photography with them, or working low profile for more candid images.

I will tell a visual story about your event from the moment the doors open and the first arrivals make their appearance…

…being in the right place at the right time to capture the action…


…as well as the more relaxed scenes…

…and being there until the sun goes down and the night life comes out


If required I can edit promptly on site and have images ready fast for your social media.

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