London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay and Finale Concert 20-26 July 2012

Boris Johnson said a week or so ago that when the Torch comes to London, any cynicism people have will fade and they’ll feel the excitement and get behind the Olympics.  Damn right, I’ve had a great time covering a few torch appearances round London and the excitement and buzz around it is undeniable.   Here the final torch bearer Tyler Rix lights the Olympic Flame at the Olympic Torch Finale, Hyde Park

A Royal Marine Commando brings the Olympic Torch to London in impressive style, abseiling a couple of hundred feet from a helicopter to the Tower of London in the blink of an eye.  When I grow up I want to be a Royal Marine Commando.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson carries the Olympic Torch around the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.  Sir Robin was the first person to to sail non-stop around the world, founded the Clipper Round the World Race in 1995, and has been a Cutty Sark Trustee since 2011.

Now, I couldn’t not see the Olympic Torch being brought to my own neck of the woods could I?  Tim Henman with it in Tooting.  Power to the people!

The Torch starts its penultimate day in Camden, being lit by Sir Clive Woodward.

Danny McCubbin is bouncing with excitement, and sees Torch Bearer Luke Cordunder in the distance bringing the flame to him.  Danny was absolutely buzzing, really heartwarming to see and it was impossible not getting excited with him.

The Finale Concert in Hyde Park was on all day, but I arrived to catch Katy B & Mark Ronson.

Final Torch Bearer Tyler Rix brings the Torch on stage.  Hearing the whole of Hyde Park cheer him sent shiver’s down my spine.

An excited child waves to the Tylier.

Nuff Torch bizzness, its time to go Bonkers with Dizzee Rascal…

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