News – Margaret Thatcher Funeral – 16-17/4/13

For the day of the funeral I was responsible for covering the Westminster area.  I had the option of basing myself in Parliament Square facing the Houses of Parliament, but instead decided to position myself across the road from the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft at the Palace of Westminster where Baroness Thatcher would be carried to the hearse.  I’m happy I made the right choice, and had the opportunity of the long shots below plus a wide of the hearse driving past.

Pics available for editorial usage licensing through London News Pictures . Look me up on Twitter for updates on what I’m shooting.

Security measures in place the day before the funeral:

John Loughrey who secured his place opposite St Paul’s Cathedral the afternoon before the funeral.   John explained how Margaret Thatcher’s policies enabled his father to buy his council has and get his foot on the housing ladder.