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Performance Photography


Photographing both music and travel, huge passions of mine, were my entrance point into photography. Whilst my chops on the guitar left much to be desired, my artistic leanings, presence and drive saw me forge a more successful bond with my cameras.

I cut my teeth on the London gig circuit covering shows for The Fly and thisisfakeDIY magazines and british news agency London News Pictures for a number of years, before a golden opportunity arose to work with leading agency Rex (Features) Shutterstock as their chief music photographer.

At home in stadiums, clubs and festivals

I cover the most important shows and events for Rex, be they the big names at London’s stadiums & arenas or hot artists breaking through, my annual pilgrimage to Glastonbury Festival, and London Fashion Week. 

I also work directly with artists, record labels and management companies.

Dynamic, iconic photography, consistently

When photographing performance it is crucial to anticipate the most climactic blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments of an artist’s show.  React when you see something and you’re already too late.

My track record is impeccable & my images are used throughout the media as a result.


From arena to runway

There is a high crossover of transferrable skills between photographing music concerts and catwalk fashion.   Short sharp electric performances, plus the atmosphere of backstage dressing room preperation.

Let’s collaborate

I have covered the most prestigious shows in the fashion calender, such as Burberry at London Fashion Week, and have begun building a relationship directly with household name designers.  With my sharp eye and camera skills I can be trusted to deliver the goods.



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