Portrait Photography

I began the portraiture side to my business working with my partner Katja, who is an entrepreneur, influencer and author in the premium natural beauty space.  Katja creates content both for her clients and her own holistic well-being and beauty business every week, I have morphed into being her in-house photographer for her portraiture work.  We are partners in every sense!

A range of styles for your requirements

I combine compositional skills with a technical mastery of lighting and a personal connection with the subject to create editorial/commercial-quality images.   I work with both natural light, flash, and Elinchrom professional studio strobe lighting.     I work with both professional studio strobe lighting (Elinchrom), flash, and natural light.  I enjoy working across the full range of portraiture styles, commercial, editorial, corporate and personal.

Canine captures welcome

I love creatures of both the 2 and 4-legged variety and enjoy bringing both into my photography!

If you’re passionate about holistic well-being take a look at Katja’s website which is packed full of quality content – Katja is Finnish but has translated much into English just click the language button – and her Instagram.   www.katjakokko.com & www.instagram.com/katjakokko 

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