Primal Scream live at Brixton Academy, 25 March 2011

When DJ Andrew Weatherall remixed Primal Scream’s “I’m Losing More than I’ll Ever Have” and transformed it into something that was such a departure from the original track it was renamed “Loaded”, together they changed the sound and direction of the band and took their first steps towards producing the masterpiece that is Screamadelica.  The album captured the zeitgeist of the time, written during the acid house explosion and combining its influence with those as varied as gospel, country, dub and the Rolling Stones.

It feels absolutely right that such a stone cold classic record was honoured with commemoration tour, which gives the ‘Scream the opportunity to play out less club-friendly tunes such as Damaged and Inner Flight.

For me the test of the greatness of an album is whether it still manages to trigger the same deep down feelings now as it did back in the day, without being clouded in nostalgia.  Screamadelica is utterly timeless in that sense, and PS live performance doesn’t dilute the excitement and euphoria generated by classics like Movin’ On Up and Come Together one iota.  Bobby Gillespie is clad in a dapper-as-fuck black fitted suit and is a natural born showman, the living essence of their music.  He’s truly iconic and manages to bring the audience into his world without ever seeming like he’s consciously performing.  The inclusion of the Gospel Choir for “Movin’ Up” takes the audience to another level, and the whole night is complemented by an inspired set of atmospheric and psychedelic visuals.

Maybe Primal Scream’s impact and greatness will one day see them considered a band that you must see at least once in a lifetime, I’m sure glad I have done so.