The Vaccines live at The Electric Ballroom, 7 April 2011

You would be forgiven for thinking that under the Oxford English Dictionary definition for ‘hype’, it read ‘The Vaccines’.  The band have seemingly come from out of nowhere, having formed less than a year ago and playing small venues last autumn against a backdrop of building media coverage.  So if The Vaccines felt weighed down by any resultant expectation or pressure, they certainly didn’t show it tonight.

Launching into “If You Wanna”, they hit a riotous groove which they hold from start to finish.  It becomes clear from the offset that singer Justin Young’s voice is a distinct strength of the band’s output, with such a catchy chorus to that track the audience don’t need any encouragement and are quickly singing along with him.  No-one lets the side down either, and they all deliver the goods with remarkable confidence for such a young band.  Guitarist Freddie Cowan paces the stage every inch the charismatic showman, while Icelandic bassist Arni Hjorvar is icy focused cool all over.  Together with Justin they fill with presence a stage ten times the size of those they were playing before Christmas.

Judging by the groups of guys and girls all singing along word perfect like they’d found their anthems for the year, it’s clear they have succeeded in building up a solid following with which their music is resonating.  If they continue to give performances as good as tonight’s, any remaining doubters crying ‘hype’ will surely be replaced by fans and advocates championing The Vaccines as the next band to fly the flag for British youth.